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About Us

Your Child Is In Great Hands

Care & Learning

Our staff works to foster early literacy in both the English and Spanish language to children of all communication levels. We promote gross motor skills during outside play when the weather permits. Our program encourages the development of interpersonal skills by teaching the children to communicate in a healthy and effective manner with their classmates and instructors, aimed to facilitate the eventual transition to elementary school.

All families receive detailed calendars each month outlining our daily activities, weekly themes, meals to be served, and other useful information such as classroom parties and holiday closures. We welcome families to be as involved as desired.

Our center is open Monday through Friday with drop off as early as 7 AM and pick up as late as 5:45 PM with an after-school program including transportation from Galindo and Dawson Elementary Schools. We provide nutritionally balanced and freshly cooked meals for breakfast and lunch along with a healthy afternoon snack. Additionally, we participate in assistance programs such as CCMS, AISD, Capital Idea, AmeriCorps, and ACC.

Health & Safety

In accordance with the CDC and Health and Human Services Commission, we are implementing precautionary measures regarding the ongoing pandemic to ensure your family's safety. Additionally, our staff has been fully vaccinated and continue to monitor their temperatures each day while wearing masks from open to close.


As for our families, we have limited traffic coming in and out of the center by keeping hand sanitizer along with the sign in/out sheets outside the front door. Before entry, each child's temperature is taken to ensure they are well enough to attend. If a child is exhibiting any symptoms that resemble those of COVID-19, they are separated from the rest of the children as they wait for their parent to arrive. At this point, the child cannot return to the center for at least 24 hours and must have clearance from their doctor that there is no cause for concern.

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